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My family just got bigger.

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Students who arrive for boarding at Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview overwhelmingly tell the story of becoming part of a large family.

A sense of brotherhood quickly develops as boarders play together, eat together and study together.

Pastoral care and individual wellbeing is at the heart of Riverview Boarding.

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My dreams just got bigger.

Our holistic approach encourages students to discover and develop their unique talents equipping them with the skills, drive and compassion to lead and serve their communities beyond the school gates.

“Coming to Riverview opens so many opportunities you wouldn’t get back home – there are endless options for subjects, study, sports and arts, and there’s so much support. There are great opportunities to excel.”
Jack, Year 12 Boarder

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My world just got bigger.

Located on a 100 acre Lane Cove River campus, Riverview, students are offered the chance to expand their thinking and are provided with incredible opportunities to grow.

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Finding the right Boarding opportunity for your son is a big decision.
At Riverview we understand this. Come and get to know more about how we can together help your son reach his full potential.